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Dr Nomy is an experienced airline medical doctor who worked for Emirates Airline and British Airways.

Part of his role at Emirates was to ensure passengers with complex health issues, chronic illnesses and mobility problems could safely travel to their onward destinations.

Occasionally passengers required help simply with wheelchairs, others needing supplemental oxygen when flying, whilst others became ill abroad and needed repatriating home.

The 'fitness to fly service' offered by the Vaccination.Clinic™ can assess all passengers wanting to fly whether this be for circumstances like simple fractures, pregnancy, infectious diseases like Chickenpox, Diabetes, previous DVT, heart attacks, strokes, sleep apnoea, congenital heart problems, disabilities, mobility issues, fear of flying or even travelling with a terminal illness to visit relatives, friends or for hospital assessments.


Some passengers sometimes need fitness certificates and or COVID tests before they are allowed to destinations around the world.

The team at the Vaccination.Clinic™ can arrange such tests and certificates swiftly and without delay to ensure travel can be done with confidence.

A standard MEDIF ( Medical Information Form) can be downloaded here, information which most airlines require. 


General Fitness to fly information can be gained from the UK CAA here

Call 03334043232 or 07440082790 or book in online

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